Alan Baird Industries offers a wide range of custom engineered cable products.

From coated to swaged to special pull cable, we deliver solutions to meet the tightest end user application requirements. We offer custom technology from cut cable to even the most precise lengths and with the most stringent end cut requirements.

Our cable is produced by stranding a variety of metal substrates including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Tungsten
  • Nitinol
  • Titanium

We strand our wire using custom equipment that is designed and built in-house, and support the manufacturing process with various secondary process enhancements to suit specific client requirements. We specialize in tight diameter and strength requirements.


Cables available from .0015″ to .125″ in diameter, and in various material types (Tungsten, 300 series Stainless, Titanium, Nitinol, etc.).

Two cables

High Fatigue/Cycle Life

We are experts in engineering custom cables that meet our customer’s specific application requirements in order to minimize wear and maximize cable life.


We can tailor the cable to your specific flexibility requirements by choosing the correct cable construction and size.


A secondary cable operation that can be used to reduce the diameter of the cable and increase smoothness. This process also provides an increased metallic cross section thereby increasing the cable break strength for a smaller diameter.


A secondary operation to increase the lubricity of the cable using a multitude of different spray, liquid and powder based lubricants.

Heat Treating

A secondary operation in which a cable or wire is thermally processed to meet specific material properties.

Coated Cable

A secondary operation to extrude a plastic jacket (Fluoropolymers, Polyethylenes, Nylons, Pebaxes, or any thermoplastic) on a wire or cable. The coating can be used for a variety of reasons: electrical insulation, mechanical protection, particulate control, and friction reduction.

Cut & Stripped Coated Lengths

Our equipment can precisely cut and strip coated cables.


Cable End Conditions

Pull Cable

Shear Cut End

A secondary operation used to mechanically cut cable.

Electrocut End

A secondary operation used to cut cable. This produces a fused end that will be more robust than a shear cut during handling and loading.

and Swaged End

A secondary operation in which a weld bead is produced on the end of the cable and then mechanically swaged to produce an atraumatic end with a precisely controlled diameter.

Cable Construction

Stainless Steel and
Tungsten Cable

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