Environmental Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, we bear the responsibility to consider the impacts of our actions and how they affect the environment both directly in terms of our own operations and indirectly through our purchasing decisions for the products we offer to our customers, and the business opportunities we pursue.

Alan Baird Industries, Inc. is committed to increasing our efforts towards a sustainable, low-waste future. We will continue all on-going initiatives to improve our sustainability and waste reduction by complying with applicable environmental regulations. We strive to raise employee awareness by identifying in-house initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint and how they can play a role through creative new ideas.

Human Rights Policy

The remarkable and diverse group of people who work for Alan Baird Industries, Inc.  and the individuals who participate in our value chain are some of our most critical resources. We believe in the principles of equality and non-discrimination, are committed to treating all individuals with respect and dignity, and work to use our influence and business relationships to promote the opportunity for all people throughout our value chain to exercise and enjoy their fundamental human rights.